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The Story of a Visionary Founder
a Group of Steel Engineers

When Engineers Go Crazy Over Steelwork

Started as a humble outfit 30 years ago in fabricating steel sections, we have built a reputation for reliable steel and metalwork solutions.   Since then we have built up our capability in design, manufacture and installation of a wide range of steelwork and metalwork.  We call ourselves Steel Engineers Malaysia.  It is not only intended as a platform for our engineers and associates to work on innovative and customised solutions for our clients but also as a learning platform for all who are interested, in particular young engineers in this industry.


We are very proud of our long history.  We share the vision and passion of our founders.  And we wish to incorporate these into our work towards the industry as we innovate and move forward.
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Along the years, several engineers wanted to be more innovative and would like to enhance their skills in more advanced aspects of structural steel.  And they want to reach out the construction industry to offer what we have and apply what they have learnt.


So, the idea of having a group of structural steel professionals coming together to promote and share their skills came up.  And the existing people in Buildmax were excited about his.  And that was how Steel Engineers Malaysia was born.

And as time went by we begin to assemble a team of a team of structural steel professionals including engineers, detailers, fabricators and installers who are passionate about steel work in various areas like innovative design, customised solutions and optimising structural steel designs for cost and constructability. 


We are proud of having each one of them as part of our Buildmax Engineering Sdn Bhd family.  Over the years we have built up a an in-house team as well as associates who are the forefront of Buildmax Engineering Sdn Bhd in reaching out to clients and responding to their needs. 


Steel Engineers Malaysia work closely with our clients on:

  • Structural design analysis

  • Connection design

  • Construction engineering

  • Design-Assist: Value engineering to optimize design and constructability

  • Engineering and fabrication

  • Installation and commissioning.


Dedicated To Steelwork Over The Years


As a young man Mr Teo Kim Bock worked  as an apprentice in a local metalwork workshop in Masai, Johor.  He was very hardworking and eager to learn.  When the workshop closed for the day, he would ask his employer's permission to try out the various techniques.  He soon learn the various skills involved in metal work such as cutting, folding, welding, machining, punching, shearing, stamping and casting.


After saving enough money, Mr Teo with a few friends, set up a small workshop in just a corner of a coffeeshop and bicycle shop under the name of Seng Thai Foundry and served the growing industrial sector in areas within and surrounding Johor Bahru. 


The company was renamed Buildmax Engineering operating from a small factory in Taman Perindustrian Kota Puteri and concentrated on forming and welding heavy metal sections.


On the retirement of it's founder in 2013, the company was restructured and continued trading as a private limited company.   Steady growth occurred through the concentration on specialised welding processes.  And we developed higher capabilities in Casting, Cutting, Drawing, Folding, Forging, Extrusion, Machining, Punching, Shearing,Shearing,Stamping and Welding. 


To meet the needs of the growing business and allow a more efficient layout, we relocated to Taman Perindustrian Desa Plentong in 2018.   

A Trusted Name For Steelwork

It was from there that we started to assemble a team of engineers, technicians and detailers where we gained  great experience and a reputation that has been established over the years, if not decades.  Today our technical team represented by Steel Engineers Malaysia are able to take the product from inception, and go through all the necessary stages from cutting and shaping of pre-fab materials, through fixing and welding, to the finished and polished product.

The introduction of modern equipment and technology has changed substantially the type and range of product and service provided since the early days, and the consistent application of control procedures and policies result in the high standards which create the same pride of ownership displayed by the founder. 


And we shall always remember our humble beginnings and keep to the spirit demonstrated by our founder in providing the best products and services to our customers.

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