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5,000 MT steel fabrication package for the construction of a new warehouse for a client in the auto industry.


- Solid I-Beam Construction

- Cold rolled Z Sections

- Fasteners

- Sheet Metals

This scope of the work includes fabricating twenty built up columns and eight large trusses. An unusual design, the truss chords are comprised of plate girders with two-inch webs full penetration welded to four-inch-thick flanges.

It requires fully assembling the trusses prior to shot blasting and painting them the fabrication yard before delivering the completed trusses to the job site.

The ability to shop-assemble and deliver these large pieces saved a lot of time and effort in erecting the pieces at the jobsite.

This building has an eave height of 7m giving the customer enough clearance for any cranes and or lifts that would be needed for operation of his business.

The pre-engineered design being all clear span, meaning no columns or trusses inside, allows the customers to design and organize their interior to fit any floor plan they want. The doors, windows, and doors were designed and placed to fit the client’s requirements. With the height there was room for the client for extra storage.

The client has plans to put lifts or cranes later. So, this was allowed in the design according to agreed specifications.

Warehousing spaces have seen dramatic demand when business grow. Companies need to build warehouse facilities in a very short time. Prefabricated steel building is an attractive option. With the efficient construction timeline of a steel building, you can get your distribution centre up and running in no time.

Steel buildings are perfect for distribution centre layouts because they can be designed to provide up to 300 feet of clear span uninterrupted space, as well as multiple entry points with roll up doors for numerous companies to access their wares.

More uninterrupted space means more rent potential since rents are based on square feet and interior columns can eat away at rentable space quickly. Not to mention that those who are competing for the warehousing needs of companies must make their space available to businesses quickly before they decide to rent another vacant space in your distribution centre.

Therefore, the speed of steel building erection is vital.

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