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Steel Structure system was formed by the main framework including Steel Columns, Roof Beams, Column X Cross Bracings, Roof Bracings, Fly Bracings and Tie Beams.

Roof and wall using a variety of panels together with other components such as windows and doors.

It has the advantages of wide span, high strength, lightweight, low cost, temperature protection, save energy, beautiful appearance, short construction time, good effect of insulation, long using life, space-efficient, good seismic performance, flexible layout, etc.

The wall and roof panel are made corrugated sheets so that they overlap when they are fitted together. This does not leave any openings so that the building is insulated against outside conditions.

This helps keep the building warmer.

Step 1

As a professional steel structure manufacturer, we ensure the perfect presentation of our final products from every dimension such as steel, enclosure plate and every detail such as welding and reinforcement

Step 2

Our experience and technology determine our ability to focus on meeting customer requirements. We can provide single span, multiple span, and other different span as well as different load and bearing workshop or warehouse according to customer requirements and local climate conditions.

Step 3

Modern processing equipment, modern processing technology, from the initial plate to formed steel production line allows us to provide you with the fastest speed of the best quality products, but also for you to achieve the greatest degree of raw materials saving

Step 4

The inspection method of one working procedure and one inspection, the accountability system of responsibility from person to person and responsibility ratio to be investigated, and the working attitude of the overall inspection on the factory from time to time have ensured the quality of products from the very beginning of production.

Step 5

Professional drawing software and strict drawing standards allow us to conduct rigorous test simulation on the finished product from the very beginning, such as the rationality of the structure, the size of the load, and avoid possible risks from the source.

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