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Process Equipment Annexe Building in Steel Structure

This project is for a company which manufactures process equipment for the chemical processing industry. The steel structure is on a fabrication and installation package. It is a beautiful Steel Structure building designed by an architect built from the pilings up.

Start Date : Jul 2020

Completion Date : May 2021

Client's Industry : Type: Process Equipment Manufacturer.

Usage : Annexe Building for Storage

Structure : Pre-engineered, Structural Steel, Precast

Cladding : Insulated Metal Panel, Built-up roof system, Precast

Area : 5500 sq. ft.

Features : Annexe facility to cope with the growth in demand for process equipment for the oil and gas industry. More room needed to accommodate growth in off loading, storage capacity, distribution warehousing and product receiving.

Work scope included erecting new structural steel columns, wide flange rafter beams, purlins, structural support and installing roof membrane.

The work consists of building a new 55300 sq. ft. raised, steel roof structure and demolition of existing wood roof structure to allow more overhead clearance for a new tunnel.

It required excavation on one side and the supply and installation of a 1m wide steel and concrete floor on three sides of the existing structure to support a larger floor and building.

The design adopts a steel structure skeleton and colour steel composite board wall as a whole. The mainframe beams and columns are made of cold-formed steel welding. The sides are welded with steel sections with a 500–1200 mm distance to ensure the wall's strength and stability.

The structure has strong integrity, high bearing capacity, wind resistance, safety, and durability through the welding connections.

Most of the enclosure materials used are colour steel plate finishes, and filler materials are included to form composite wall panels, top panels, and bottom panels.

It may not be a super large project but it is an example to illustrate how to adopt BIM technology for the fast construction of the fabricated steel structure systems in such an environment.

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