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The ultra-precise factory production of steel components ensures that they will fit together seamlessly, allowing for superior energy-efficiency when appropriately insulated whenever necessary. Savings results are twofold: not only do owners save enormous sums of money each year on the cost of interior environmental control (of temperature and humidity), but they also stand to benefit from government incentives for sustainable practices.

In addition, in a government effort to stimulate business and the economy, the depreciation lifetime for many pre-engineered & modular steel building configurations has been set to a long span, since many of these buildings can actually be dismantled, moved and re-assembled.

To put this return on investment in perspective, consider the following:

If you invested in pre-engineered modular warehouse for RM 100,000, and an equally priced warehouse built using conventional construction methods (which would have to be considerably smaller and would take much longer to erect, from design to completion to come in at the same price), at the end of 8 years, your modular steel warehouse would accumulate a full, RM 100,000 depreciation deduction, just because it is a modular structure that can be dismantled, moved, and re-assembled – it is still going to outlast the conventional buildings due to steel's durability.

Whereas a conventionally constructed warehouse would have only accumulated a much lower depreciation deduction.

If we arbitrarily assume a tax rate of 20%, you are looking at a savings of RM 20,000 in taxes on your steel warehouse. The conclusion is unavoidable; a pre-engineered steel warehouse just keeps on making you money and saving you time & energy.

We cannot mention the conservation of energy in connection with steel buildings, without touching on the Green Buildings Sustainability Initiative. Whether you are using LEED or Green Building Index (GBI) in Malaysia. You will credit for building with recycled material. If your fabricator is within a certain distance, then you are typically eligible for additional related points.

In fact, building with steel can earn you credits in several categories. For more information about Green Buildings seek out your sustainable development consultants, architects, and engineers.

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