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Steel structure is a good option for workshop, warehouse, hangars, hotels, apartments, shopping malls, container houses, poultry houses, modular houses, garages, bridge cranes and various other uses.

The parts and components are made according to customer’s requirements and the resulting design and specifications.

The roof can be made single slope, double slopes, or multi-slopes.

Depending on the requirements and structural designs, spans can be single, double and multi spans too.

And it can be made for single storey, double storeys or more.

Cross sections can be made straight throughout or variable depending on the required architectural design.

Bracing can be of X-type or V-type, or other types made of angles, round bars etc.

Wall and Roof can be made from C or Z purlins.

Corrugated steel sheets for roof or wall can be chosen from the widely available types and colours in the market.

Options for windows are UPVC or Aluminium Alloy.

Doors can be of sliding or roller shutter type.

Gutter can be of steel sheet or galvanized steel or stainless steel with colours to choose from.

Rainspout or water down pipe normally is of UPVC pipes.

Accessories that can be added are like skylight panels and ventilation.

Surface treatment is advisable for example two layers of anti-rust coating.

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