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Steel structure industrial building is an effective and economical way to erect buildings for various industrial fields. It utilizes steel structure as the main load-bearing member, which has light weight, high strength, low cost, and high utilization. The steel structure also makes it possible to create large span for your industrial buildings.

Each of the steel buildings is tailor-made to meet your own project’s specifications. Generally, there are light steel structure and heavy steel structure for you to choose from. What’s more, the steel structure building can be designed with single span, double span and multi span.


1. FAST AND COST-EFFICIENT construction. Since the steel structure can be prefabricated in the manufacturer’s workshop and then erected at the desired location, it can save money and time for you.

2. HIGH UTILIZATION. The structural steel can be recycled and reused.

3. EXCELLENT SAFETY. The metal building has excellent fire resistance and corrosion resistance, and it can stand the test of harsh weather conditions.

4. FLEXIBLE DESIGN. This structure can be made to take any kind of shape and clad with any type of material. Moreover, it can be easily modified or expanded to accommodate your future uses.

5. LONG SERVICE LIFE. It can withstand extreme forces or critical environmental conditions.



It mainly consists of steel columns, steel beams, wind-proof columns, and runway beams. The steel column can be an H-shaped equal section or variable section. Specifically speaking, when the building span does not exceed 15m, and column height does not exceed 6m, the steel column should adopt H-shaped equal section. Otherwise, the variable section steel column should be used.

The steel beam is a sort of I-beam composed of upper and lower flange plates and webs.

The wind-proof column is a structural component at the gable to resist the wind loads.

Runway beam is used to support the crane track. It is designed depending on your desired crane specifications.


Purlins: they are used to support wall and roof panels. There are two main types of purlins, C-shaped and Z-shaped, among which the C-shaped purlin is the most commonly used. The thickness can be 2.5mm or 3mm. While the Z-shaped purlin is specifically designed for large slope roof, and the main material is Q235B.

Purlin brace: it is used to keep the lateral stability of the purlin. There are straight and oblique purlin brace to choose from.

Bracing system: the horizontal and vertical bracing systems are meant for overall stability of the metal structure.


There are three methods for building envelope, including single layer colour steel tile, sandwich panel, a combination of single layer colour steel tile, insulation cotton and steel wire mesh.

The single layer colour steel tile is well suited for roofing, wall surface and interior and exterior wall decoration of industrial steel structure buildings. Its thickness is 0.8mm or less.

Colour steel sandwich panel is available in a range of specifications.


Overall length: depending on your requirements

Column spacing: 6m, 7.5m, 9m, 12m

Span: 9-36m (take a multiple of 3m), available in single span, double span and multi-span

Height: 4.5-9m (without installing an overhead crane system). In the event of installing the overhead crane, the height is determined by the designed load capacity and lifting height of the crane.

Steel Engineers Malaysia offer dependable and durable steel structures as well as accurate designs of manufacturing facilities, warehouses, factories, and other industrial buildings so as to help you create maximum value for your business.

Our metal buildings are made to be very economical and versatile as well as with custom design to make sure they can stand up to harsh outdoor conditions and allow you to operate any type of heavy machinery. The quality steel structure can take any kind of shape to fit your needs and will last for years to come.

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