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Steel Structure Speed Up Construction of R&D Centre

Construction of the RCP building started in Apr 2021 after receiving received approval from the local council. The site preparation phase to relocate underground utilities was completed safely and successfully earlier this year.

Work is on schedule and the building is expected to be completed in Jul 2021.

It is a Steel Structure building with pre-fab dry wall panel system. The building consists of other special provision like lift and HVAC too. It is one of the big steel structure buildings in this area.

RCP is a high-priority infrastructure project that will provide world-class modernized facilities and infrastructure to house some of its highest-priority R&D projects as well as the assembly and testing of cutting-edge instruments based on that R&D. RCP will be home product development and testing for new instruments for testing and production. The RM 105 million project is to support scientific and technological innovation in this region.

It will contain the largest purpose-built laboratory and office building since the one in Port Oregon was built in 1985. The building will integrate engineering resources currently scattered across the laboratory and provide state-of-the-art facilities that will enable the design and construction of high-performance particle physics detectors.

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