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Steel structure warehouse is generally done with a series of steel structure, including steel columns, steel beams, purlin and so on.

These main components constitute the load-bearing structure of the warehouse.

Because of being lightweight and ease of construction, there is a great demand for structural steel warehouses.

The steel structure is also the most cost-efficient building type for many projects. Therefore, it is a good investment from a long-term economic consideration.


The steel structure is generally regarded as the most economical and fastest way to construct a warehouse, making it the top option for many industrial and civil buildings.

We supply the structural steel warehouse design, and depending on your specific applications and specifications, the steel sections will be fabricated into various shapes and sizes.

The steel warehouse is a kind of frame building, of which the frame structure mainly consists of steel beams and columns.

The steel structure can be made by either hot or cold rolling.

For the roof and wall panel, we supply steel sheets in various forms and colours.

The curved metallic roof structure is an option for those who needs it.

The door and window of the steel frame structure warehouse can be made of PVC or aluminium alloy.

The purlin supporting system for the wall and roof, C-type and Z type are options available.

The crane runway beam is designed according to your overhead crane requirements.

Every project has its specific requirements for the steel warehouse such as dimensions as well as the local conditions of environment. These can be designed into the shapes, sizes and specifications to suite the needs.


COST EFFICIENT – Compared with traditional concrete buildings, steel warehouse construction usually costs less. All the components will be manufactured in the factory, including the components drilling, cutting and welding, and then installed on site, thus it will greatly reduce the construction period.

GREATER STRENGTH – The steel structure construction replaces reinforced concrete with steel plates or steel sections, which has higher strength and better earthquake resistance.

ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION – The structural steel warehouse is more environmental friendly as it can be reused in other projects, thus it will significantly reduce construction waste.

EASY INSTALLATION – These steel warehouses can be easily assembled and erected by workers, thus saving manpower and labour costs.

HIGH DURABILITY – The industrial steel structure can withstand harsh environmental conditions, and by way of coating with fireproof paint and aluminium compounds, it will effectively prevent fire and rusting. Therefore, it has prolonged service life.

HIGH RELIABILITY – The steel structure is capable of withstanding impact and dynamic loads, as well as with good seismic performance. Besides, the internal structure of the steel is uniform.

A prefabricated steel structure warehouse will help you save a great deal of time and money, and at the same time greatly increase your production level.

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