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Structural Steel for Industrial Buildings

Steel structure industrial building is an effective and economical way to erect buildings for various industrial purposes. It utilises steel structure as the main load-bearing member, which has light weight, high strength, low cost and high utilisation. The steel structure also makes it possible to create large span for your industrial buildings.

Each of the steel buildings is tailor-made to meet your own project’s specifications. Generally, there are light steel structure and heavy steel structure for you to choose from. The steel structure can also be designed with single span, double span or multi span.

Roof trusses and the portal frames are used to cover and shelter the areas. Roof truss is designed for dead load, live load, wind load and their combinations. The cost will depend on the configuration of the structure, type of roof truss and portal frame utilized, forces acting on building and selection of steel sections needed as per force employed.

Steel has always been more preferred to concrete because steel offers better tension and compression thus resulting in lighter construction.

Usually, structural steel uses three-dimensional trusses hence making it larger than its concrete counterpart.

Industrial steel structure is the most common option when it comes to design and construct industrial buildings due to its strength, reliability, durability, safety, and also ease of construction. It is ideal for manufacturing, petrochemical and other industries that require large plants for massive production.

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