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Content : Structural steel, cladding, windows, doors etc.

Quantity : 1250m2 warehouse + 180 m2 of office space

Total value : RM 520,000

Surface : Painted or Hot Dip Galvanized

Doors : Rolling Up Door or Sliding Door

Windows : PVC or Aluminium Alloy

Roof and Wall Panels: Corrugated Steel Sheet, EPS Sandwich Panel, Rock Wool Sandwich Panel, PU Sandwich Panel

Main Characteristics:

1. Lightweight, high in strength and large spans.

2. Short construction period to reduce investment cost accordingly.

3. High fire resistance and strong corrosion resistance.

A new building entirely built of steel, mainly comprising steel beams, columns, trusses, and other parts made of thin-walled steel and steel plates. Connections are through welding, bolts, or rivets. This lightweight and simple structure system is widely used in large factories, stadiums, super high-rise buildings, and other fields.

Steel structure provides an affordable, durable, and low-maintenance solutions for workshops, warehouses, agricultural buildings, garage buildings, and aircraft hangars. Compared to wooden structures, steel is resistant to strong winds and termites. The interior layout of the metal buildings can be fully customized to meet the client’s needs.

Prefabricated steel structure buildings have the advantages of flexibility. They can meet the needs of different projects. In commercial buildings, it can be used as car sheds and exhibition halls; in agricultural buildings, it can be used as metal silos and farmhouses; in industrial buildings, it can be used in workshops.

We designed the warehouse to maximize the use of internal space. There are free pillars in the warehouse, and forklifts can be used freely, which improves warehouse utilization. The prefabricated steel structure warehouse is durable. It can resist rain, snow, wind, and other bad weather, and has strong impact resistance. The wall and roof cladding are coated with aluminium compound to prevent rust and prolong service life.

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