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Everything About Steel Structure

There are various utilizations of Structural Steel over each construction area.


Structural Steel is profoundly used in the construction industry, for example, bridges, building, stadiums, mining, oil & gas, and many more.


Structural steel is a noteworthy resource for the construction industry. It offers endless points of interest when stood out from some other structure materials.

If you are have a steel structure project in hand and need professional and intense work experience in Structural Steel in Malaysia, then Steel Engineers Malaysia is your contact point.  Steel Engineers Malaysia's history stretches back more than 30 years and today we have partner companies from design to fabrication to detailing and installation.


One of the most important facets of steel fabrication is determining every component of steelwork is in stock and ready to be supplied and installed. This not only includes the universal beams, columns, channels or any hollow sections but extends to protective coatings, clips, bracing and any other small reinforcement tools.

Our Steel Engineers are ready to help you, any time. 

Starting the Project

A supply and install project usually begins with a site visit from us.


This will allow us to determine structural steel dimensions, the appropriate measures for delivery access and the process of installation.


It’s sometimes necessary to arrange a trial installation prior to delivery (which we can conduct in one of our fabrication yards)


Prior to obtaining a quote, we will discuss our proposed method with you and ensure that we are meeting your requirements.


We want to determine an ideal course of action that remains convenient for you and any time constraints you may be up against.



Today, when most of the construction industries are struggling with the financial expenses of the building cost, structural steel stands as a saviour with its economic building cost and very lower future maintenance cost.  Some research has indicated that structural steel framing including fire protection and decking will commonly cost 5% to 7% cheaper than other building materials.
The reason behind choosing structural steel is the durability of the metal. A structural steel building can withstand a wide scope of external weight, for instance, earthquakes and rainstorms. Steel doesn't deteriorate as other construction materials. An evolved steel encompassed structure can keep going for more than 20 years. Steel is significantly adaptable and can be easily changed into any shape as required.


Endless innovation is possible with Structural Steel. And for that modern architect are choosing structural steel over other building materials to build innovative buildings that stay long.
Are you finding it interesting? Want to know more? 

If you have any query regarding steel structure, then just us today. We are just one click away, 24/7. One of our steel engineers will help you with this.

Bespoke Fabricated Steel

Our products are suitable for commercial, industrial and domestic use. We are able to deliver a fully bespoke set of fabricated structural steel, welded bars and everything in between to give your build the high quality structural reinforcement it deserves.


Be advised that every component for the project will need to be delivered, and it is more complex than just arranging a convenient date. Sometimes a crane will be needed to unload large quantities of steel and therefore it’s important to ensure enough space is allowed for this.


Delivery and installation are both very important aspects to your project, no matter how big. So, please contact us to find out how we can help bring top quality steel to your site in a timely manner, and ensure it is completed safely and to a high standard.

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Structural steel is a durable steel variety used in the construction of beams, rails, and bars.


Its specific properties contribute to the structure’s longevity, thus providing increased safety.


As a structural steelwork supplier, we offer customers with A-one structural steel products.


We supply structural steel on-time for both domestic and industrial processes without making a delay in the installation process.


There are numerous industrial structural steel applications for building pipe bridges, handrails, ladders, machine guarding, portable platforms, and catwalks.


Additionally, we have made bottom supports for slope tanks, structural steel supports for process piping and tank anchoring.


Steelmakers have provided customized structural steel for various repair and restoration purposes.


For the aesthetic versatility and its compatibility with concrete and glass, structural steels have widely opted for industrial purposes.


We follow a strategic protocol to install the structural steelwork in Malaysia. From hoisting of steel structure to steel beam installation, every step in our flowchart is planned and performed perfectly.

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